Early Years

Katherine has always been good at paying attention to detail and she realized her love of drawing and art the minute her mother gave her a crayon and a piece of paper. Her proud mother had noticed her drawing abilities from the very beginning. course all children love to color, draw, and make a mess with their crayons and coloring books, but she enjoyed drawing things other than scribbles. She tried to stay in the lines and make her art as nice as possible. As she got older her drawings improved and portraits would look more accurate. Her love for drawing and inspiration increased even more when she watched anime for the first time. She started watching Naruto on TV and has been hooked on manga and anime ever since. From then on, she directed her drawing style to the style of anime and manga.

Art and School

Katherine has always doodled during class. In elementary school, she would draw pictures of her classmates and give them out to them at the end of the year. she would always be asked during art class by her class mates to assist them on their projects when she would finish early.  Doodling in class was always a habit of hers. Sometimes she would get so enthralled in her drawing it would get in the way of paying attention to the lesson. Eventually she learned how to multitask. Balancing her doodling and listening to the lesson were something she would lean to use all throughout her middle school and high school days.


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